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Stay focused on your business and formalities leave to us.

Accounting services

By overtaking the organization of bookkeeping department we ensure focusing on the strategy. Monthly, quarterly and annual tax declarations will became our responsibility on your behalf

  • Conduct a full accounting in our rooms, our hardware and software
  • Full service accounting in rooms, hardware and software of client
  • Accounting system for start-ups
  • Keeping tax revenue and expense ledger
  • Keeping records income (lump sum),
  • Record keeping for VAT
  • Preparation of monthly tax returns and reports of statistical analysis
  • Management reporting
  • Reporting in accordance with standards adopted by the Client
  • Support in case of tax inspection and audit
  • Assistance and cooperation with the customer in dealing with administrative matters

Human Resources

  • Payroll preparation
  • preparing records of employee benefit
  • accounting for income taxes from employees
  • reporting to the CSO
  • Service Personnel-charging drawing Social Security
  • income tax declarations-4 and Social Security


Book of incomes and outcomes
net month
Full accountancy
net month
1-10 records
200 zł
1-25 records
500 zł
11-50 records
260 zł
26-50 records
800 zł
51-100 records
310 zł
51-100 records
1 200 zł
101-150 records
360 zł
101-200 records
1 600 zł
151-200 records
410 zł
201-300 records
1900 zł
more than 200 records
1zł/ record
more than 300 records
1zł/ record

Payroll pricelist


payroll , PIT-4R, PIT-11, PIT-40,

Payroll & HR

payroll , PIT-4R, PIT-11,
labour contracts,
labour certificates,
medical & safety tests,
HR files


Written specifically for us program for management of office allows you to have direct access to the office without leaving your home or when you are traveling or just away from the office.

All this you can access through a user-friendly web page without having to install any programs.

Check out the demo version.