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Cracow ul. Lindego


  • Are you tired of working at home?
  • Are you developing your bussines but do not want to cover high costs of your own office?
  • Do you want to work in friendly space among interesting people?
  • Are you a freelancer and fill need for an office space from time to time?
  • If you do not need own office all the time

We provide to you:

  • A fully-equipped office with work places
  • Friendly enviroment and comfortable space to work
  • Office in the centre of the town with easy acces out of limited parking and acces zones

We do not use hidden additional charges for every small service. In simple service package you have at your disposal:

  • Work places
  • office supplies
  • digital printers and photocopying
  • catering (coffee, tea, juice, water)
  • conference room for meetings
  • fast internet connection
  • laptop for use in the conference room
  • multimedia projector
  • flipchart
  • professional meeting handling


  • 1 hour
  • 1 day
  • 5 days per month
  • 10 days per month
  • 15 days per month*
  • no limit**

Rules of fee’s calculation:

  • Monthly packages are: “5 days”, “10 days”, “15 days”, “no limit”.
  • Monthly package is valid from the day of payment forwhole next month.
  • One working day is calculated as 8 hours from 9:00 untill 20:00.
  • Working days and working hours that has not been used are not transfered to next month.
  • Payments are done at the basis of an invoice to the bank account.
  • Package calulated in hours and days are summerized at the end of each day.

*bonus: 6 hours of conference room for free         **bonus: 8 hours of conference room for free

How can I get to the office?


ul. Lindego 1C
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tel/fax: +48 12 378 42 61
tel: +48 12 378 42 62

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