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Ready-to-use equipped workplaces for rent
Cracow ul. Lindego

Ready-to-use equipped workplaces for rent

If a workplace in an open space of a cooworking office is not enough for you and you are searching for an individual office we can ensure you a co-shared or independent private office. Such offices are fully equipped and ready-to-use workplaces. You shall not bear any costs related to office equipment or its design, but instead you can use anything you need and find in our office.

With the equipped and ready-to-use workplace you can gain:

  • The well-equipped workplace in a double work cabinet (there is a possibility to extend this cabinet to three workplaces)
  • Access to four conference rooms
  • Service for your company that is rendered by a secretariat of our office
  • Directed to your office calls receiving and forwarding
  • Permanent access to Internet
  • Free access to office materials
  • Access to network scanners and printers
  • Dedicated stationary phone number with unlimited domestic stationary connections


Possibility to use the equipped kitchen (mineral water, tea, coffee) and chilloutroom

Layer 5

See the plan of offices

Area A

Office lease price
Office for 2 persons
Office for 3 persons
Payment for 1 month
2 000 zł (net) /office
3 000 zł (net) /office
Payment for 3 months
5 500 zł (net) /office
8 000 zł (net) /office
Payment for 6 months
10 000 zł (net) /office
15 000 zł (net) /office
Payment for 12 months
19 000 zł (net) /office
28 000 zł (net) /office
  • Private office A2 (for two persons)
  • Private office A3 (for three persons)
Payment for 1 month (net) PLN
Payment for 3 months (net) PLN

Area B

  • Private office B4 (for three persons)
  • Private office B5 (for three persons)
  • Private office B6 (for three persons)
  • Private office B7, B8, B9, B11, B12 (for two persons)
Payment for 1 month (net) PLN
Payment for 3 months (net) PLN

Area C

  • Private office F (for four persons)
  • Private office I-E (for three persons)
  • Private office A-B-C-D-G-H (for two persons)
Payment for 1 month (net) PLN
Payment for 3 months (net) PLN

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ul. Lindego 1C
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tel/fax: +48 12 378 42 61
tel: +48 12 378 42 62

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